About T-SORT

T-SORT Company was established early in 2007 as a result of long and constantly developing experience in providing services to ensure production quality, primarily in the automobile industry.

We realize that every manufacturer strives to make sure that his final products comply to the accepted quality requirements and meet expectations of his customers, because that is the only way to make them competitive. Despite the effort to prevent errors and application of the accepted standards and procedures, errors might be hard to avoid because of the complexity and demands of the production.

Using our services means taking immediate measure to solve disputes of quality with a manufacturer or a customer. Measure usually consists in 100% control of the parts during the manufacturing process or of the stock. For certain clients, our workers form a separate part of the input or output check. They also control effectiveness of the corrective measures in a new supply of the parts that were returned.

For us, quality is a constant process of improvement.

We stand for individual approach focused on the client. In addition to the internal cooperation with Volkswagen Slovakia a. s., we work with prominent manufacturers and their suppliers on a global scale.

In 2010, T-SORT implemented the quality management system standard ISO 9001:2008.