Our services

Our services are provided directly at the customer's location. If the client does not have the space to perform them, he may use the premises of T-SORT Company. We take care of the transport of the parts as well.

Supplier engineers take care of the communication with the supplier of our customers.


Selection of purchased or manufactured components according to the requirements and specifications of the manufacturer or his supplier. It is usually provided on the parts in stock.

Input and output check

Preparation of the components used in the manufacture or being manufactured according to the requirements and specifications of the manufacturer or his supplier.


Dimensions of the components are checked with slide callipers, micrometers, deviation indicators, stereo microscopes and other conventional and unconventional gauges. Thickness of the surface layer is digitally measured. It is possible to use colour control cabinets to check and compare the colour shades of various materials. You may choose from artificial daylight (D65) for exact reproduction of colours in compliance with CIE, ISO 3668 & DIN 6173-2, incandescent light (A) used in houses, hotels and restaurants, store light (TL84) used in offices, shop windows and presentations, daylight for exact reproduction of colours in graphic industry (D60) and ultraviolet light to assess materials with fluorescent paints and optical highlighters (UV-A).

Additional modifications or repairs

Apply to the components which gain satisfactory quality after a mechanical treatment. In some cases, it might be appropriate or even necessary to make easy preparations or templates in order to check up or fine-tune the parts. Frequently, this repeatable process is carried out to increase efficiency and precision of the manufacture. We design and fabricate the necessary tools ourselves. We can promptly respond to the needs of our customers thanks to a wide spectrum of equipment in the field of the control services. We use exclusively professional pneumatic, electrical or mechanical tools designed for difficult conditions such as the serial production.